My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and have experienced. Art is my path to empathy, to feel others’ feelings. It is my primary subject matter along with audiovisual perception, human emotion, social space, and self-knowledge.

My work reflects my past and my future. When I was 4, my mom sent me to study traditional painting because of my Hyperkinesia (the childhood condition of hyperactivity and inability to concentrate). Ever since, I have continued the practice of constant drawing. I also blend the handicrafts and classical painting I learned early on with more recent explorations into new media. In this hybrid way I accommodate contemporary modes of expression. Often these works culminate in installations based on light.
My current installation, Seen/ Not Seen has the structure of a tunnel made of strings and feather with perforations to let the light stream out onto the walls in various patterns that change as viewers walk through it. At the end of the tunnel a monitor plays a hand drawn animation video. The translucent sheet placed in front of the monitor conceals or reveals the video according to the proximity of the viewer. Like all my work, it may use different technologies and media, but it explores the ties between humans and their environment, their conceptions, and their perceptions to create a bridge that connects their feelings.

Guangyu’s Copyright, 2018