Creation Time:   2015. 01
Categories:      Physical Interaction Device
Material:        American Red Oak
Size:            13 cm × 13 cm × 15 cm;

                 17 cm × 17 cm × 15 cm;
                 15 cm × 15 cm × 15 cm;
                 15 cm × 15 cm (d);        

In this work, I’d like to explore feelings that might come as a result of Nyctalopia.

Nyctalopia, as the name implies, is the condition of night blindness. Blind people are accustomed to the darkness and normal people are accustomed to the light, but what about people who suffer from Nyctalopia? Sometimes, we focus on the extremes, ignoring what is in the middle. People with Nyctalopia are luckier than the blind but worse off than normal people. When they are in the dark they can’t see anything, they feel afraid, uneasy and restless. It makes them emotionally vulnerable. 

The draft:

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