Climatic Condition

Creation time:   2015.07
Categories:      Photoelectric Geometric Interaction Installation
Ingredients:     250g Canson Paper, Acrylic, Shading Film, LEDs
Size:            180 cm × 130 cm

In this work, I’d like to explore the relationship between humans and their environments: natural and social. In the sense of philosophy, it refers to the relationship between heaven (top), earth (bottom) and man (middle).

Heaven includes the sky and the stars. Since I live in the south of China, I choose the shape of the rosefinch, based on a linear graphic of a constellation of stars. I chose solid tetrahedrons. We can see the light from stars in the sky, as light is one of essential elements for us. In day light, unlike air, it is invisible. In terms of the color of the light, we can create different feelings by changing it.

I apply visible light in the work and talk to the light, to explore the most suitable distance between us: the farther away, the colder the light is, the closer, the warmer the light is. Just like the relationship between me and the environment, alienation means indifference, close means warming up. In this kind of relationship, light would change to fiery red from cold blue gradually (from far to near: blue - green - yellow - red), resembling the transition of feeling and the situation in different distances between humans and the environment.

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