originated from Chinese "Favorable location"
                 ︎  vimeo.com/150573034

Creation Time:   2015. 06
Categories:      Photoelectric Interactive Installation
Material:        ABS Sheet, Wood, Paper
Size:            50 cm × 40 cm × 100 cm

People feel most safe and warm in areas that are familiar to them. Chinese people  pay a lot of attention to the environment where they and their ancestors come from. The idiom “Falling Leaf Returns to Roots" reveals a complex attitude  towards their hometown. I would like to express my feelings toward to my hometown through my installation.

The topography of the photoelectric interactive installation is all derived from the landmark of Changsha—Yuelu Mountain, under which I grew up. I found the contour map of Yuelu Mountain via a series of data queries, and then I abstracted it into an irregular geometric form composed of a number of triangular surface through summarizing data and graphics. The internal light shows the familiarity and growth trajectory of the author towards this area.

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