The Book of Odes - The Folk Song
- APP Design

Background:      IOS
Client:          Ipad


Has ancestor culture in China disappeared?

The Book of Songs is representative of Chinese traditional culture and Confucianism with its great repect for culture and history. It has been passed down in China for thousands of years. The App reveals flexibility via electronic display of traditional content by adding animation and illustrations that are intended to attract more people to return to the classics and learn from the traditional culture.

This app concentrates on the nine stories. Reading poetry, looking at pictures and interpreting them, viewers can understand more about plants, as well as  ancient costumes, increasing their interest in many facets of ancient Chinese culture.

For the book of songs, we can think of the old, romantic love, think of the old picture and regularity of volume. I want this app has its own characteristics, more on behalf of the Chinese ancient painting. So I use the traditional Chinese painting skill and extensive use of HuaQingSe to create an atmosphere of quietly elegance.

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